Coolidge Virtual Academy (CVA)

  • What can families expect while learning at Coolidge Virtual Academy?

    Students will participate in high-level learning they are used to in-person, but in a structured online environment using Connexus (6-12) courseware. This online self-guided format provides students instruction through embedded videos in the courseware. Teachers employed by CUSD are available to assist students in successfully completing their courses. Both online platforms have a curriculum that is grounded in research and are aligned to Arizona State Standards.

    The goal of CUSD is for all students to be successful. Part of that success will depend on the model of learning your family chooses each year. Please consider the characteristics of a successful online learner before selecting the online model of learning.

    A successful online learner...

    • Is self-motivated and self-disciplined
    • Is good at managing time
    • Has regular, convenient, and easy access to a computer/iPad and reliable internet (Internet not provided by CUSD).
    • Is comfortable with online professional communication (email, iMessage, word documents,)
    • Has proficient reading comprehension skills
    • Is good at setting and usually achieving goals
    • Is confident in school
    • Does not give up easily when faced with a challenging task
    • Is confident in expressing themselves in writing
    • Is willing to work independently

    Additional Information

    It is required that all full-time online students participate in state testing. If a student does not attend a mandated state test, they may be withdrawn from the program. The CVA will notify parents of upcoming testing sessions. (ARS 15-808).

    Students may be eligible to participate in athletics/activities/events and additional electives (band, CTE courses, fine arts) on their home campus, following in-person eligibility guidelines and safety measures as determined by the CDC and Pinal County Health Department.

    Opportunity to transition to in-person learning (traditional campus) only at semester break.

    District iPad is provided for students who reside within CUSD boundaries.

    Grab-N-Go breakfast/lunch is available following Federal nutrition guidelines.

  • Available to 6-12 Students
  • Remote Learning Instruction

Key Details About CVA


    1. Reliable Internet access is mandatory; not provided by CUSD.
    2. Classroom attendance is determined by student participation minutes (5 hours/300 minutes) per day while working on the Connexus program and a weekly log that documents student offline academic activities.
    3. Students are enrolled in a full-time schedule based on student academic graduation requirements.

    Courses include all core subjects (6 – 12) and electives for students in grades 9 – 12. (Course offerings provided by an assigned teacher or administration.)

    Virtual teachers (Arizona Certified) provided by CUSD monitor course progress and provide content support. Students may also be required to attend daily online meetings to collaborate and communicate with peers. Teachers will also provide opportunities for intervention and accommodation as needed.

    Daily attendance and completion of assignments in each course are vital components of successful online learning.

    Students are required to log on to Connexus and commit to a daily minimum of 5 hours (25 hours per week).

    Students can log participation minutes from Sunday-Saturday.

    A student log documenting offline academic activities must be submitted weekly to the CVA Administrative Assistant. These offline activities may include attending individual and cohort Team meetings, researching an essay, watching tutorial videos, etc.

    Students must complete all assignments and/or exams with a passing score, follow the pacing calendar, and may be required to complete a final exam to receive course credit.

    Self-guided and live learning will occur with a focus on the competency of standards and units of instruction.

    Virtual teachers will monitor student progress, grade assignments, hold virtual office hours, communicate with students, parents, and learning success coaches, and ensure IEPs and/or 504’s are being followed.

    Students must check for feedback from their instructors using their school email.

    Both individual and cohort meetings will be held via MS Teams.

    If the academic achievement of a student declines while participating in Arizona online instruction, a meeting shall be held with parents, teachers, and administration to evaluate whether the student should be allowed to continue to participate in the Coolidge Virtual Academy. (ARS 15-808)

    Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their student’s learning process by ensuring student participation and completion of assignments and courses.

    Assistance with technology is available for students and parents upon request.

    Support will be provided for Special Education Students according to students' IEP.