Clubs and Activities

  • Coolidge Unified School District is affiliated with both student clubs and parent clubs (Booster/PTO). Each group is governed by different rules, all of which must be overseen by CUSD. Rules include state rules and District policies.

Student Activities/Clubs

  • Student Clubs, who contribute to what is referred to as Student Activities, are student-led clubs affiliated with an approved sport/activity on campus. These clubs must hold meetings to propose fundraising activities, ultimately approved at the district level, and expend all funds. Meetings must be submitted to the District Office to document a majority approval of activities. These rules are set by the state and overseen by the District Office.

    • Student-Led

    • Students decide how and when money is spent

    • Money is deposited into the student activities account

    • Student meeting held to allow all club members the opportunity to vote on and approve expenses

    • Students perform fundraising activities

    • Students adhere to state statute and school rules

Parent Booster/PTO

  • Parent-led clubs, Booster or PTO, are led by adults/parents and are governed by a different set of rules, also overseen by CUSD. These are state laws. Money raised by these groups is held in a bank account independent of CUSD.

    • Parent or Adult Led

    • Adult members decide how and when money is spent

    • Money deposited into an outside bank account managed by adult members

    • Adult members perform fundraising activities

    • Adult members adhere to state statute regarding Booster clubs


  • Can our student activities club sell raffle tickets as a fundraiser?

  • Can the students hold a fundraiser on campus and deposit the money into the Booster/PTO account?

  • Can we sell food on campus?

  • How does our club spend money we have raised?