Beyond Textbooks

  • A team of CUSD teachers and administrators researched curriculum frameworks in order to dramatically and swiftly increase student achievement. Beyond Textbooks (BT), a framework developed by an Arizona school district (Vail), consistently led the other structures studied. It is currently being used by over 140 districts across the state of Arizona and if followed properly should increase student achievement.

    The BT curricular framework is completely aligned to the Arizona State Standards and those standards are presented at the required grade level. It creates consistency across grade levels and schools to ensure all Coolidge students have opportunities to master the skills required.

    It is rigorous. The level of difficulty may be uncomfortable for a short time as we implement this necessary focus on mastery of the standards rather than a list of assignments completed. We are confident students, parents, teachers, and community members will be pleased with the students’ academic accomplishments and proud of the Coolidge Unified School District.

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  • CUSD implemented the TAP System for Teacher and Student Advancement due to its comprehensive approach when establishing sustained structures for building educator excellence and increasing student achievement growth. Since 1999, TAP Systems have led to some dramatically improved outcomes for students and changing the trajectory of entire schools. Over 95 percent of participating TAP schools are high-need and serve diverse areas. Through the implementation of four interrelated key elements, teachers are improving their instruction and the achievement of their students.

    The four elements are: 

    • Multiple Career Paths
    • Ongoing Applied Professional Growth
    • Instructionally Focused Accountability
    • Performance-Based Compensation


  • ENVoY was created by Michael Grinder and brought to our district by A & J Educational Consulting.

    CUSD implemented Michael Grinder’s Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks (ENVoY) that includes his models of professional growth, data that shows an opportunity to increase instructional time by at least 20%, and a way to increase teachers' strategies for classroom management. CUSD has created a culture of influence via nonverbal communication where relationships between educators and students and among students are fostered.

    By reducing time on management, there is the possibility to increase time for curriculum.

    ENVoY increases educator’s repertoire of nonverbal strategies. Operating from influence as often as possible instead of power. Creating educational climates committed to ongoing professional development that reverses the trend of over-training and under-implementing.


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