• Coolidge Unified School District is taking initiative to make efficient use of our economic and natural resources, all the while exercising sound judgment in reaching our primary goal: to provide comprehensive academic and social learning for all students.

    As part of our commitment to excellence, the District is working with McKinstry to implement a strategic energy awareness and operational efficiencies program called PowerED. This program and supporting procedures are intended to improve energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, optimize capital investment for energy efficiency, reduce environmental and greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources, and educate students about resource efficiency.

    These procedures call for a people-oriented approach to resource management, and its success is based on cooperation at all levels. The fulfillment of these procedures is the joint responsibility of the Governing Board, administrators, teachers, support personnel, and students, and shall be implemented throughout the entire District. Thus, every student and employee is expected to contribute to improved energy efficiency in our District.

    The District is committed to evaluating all energy-saving procedures that do not negatively impact the educational environment. Part of this process shall be to ensure that all new and replacement equipment purchased incorporates technology that maximizes energy efficiency yet provides a suitable return on investment.

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