Planning Your Educational Career

  • Central Arizona College


    The Central Arizona Community College (CAC) partners with Coolidge High School (CHS) and provides dual enrollment classes to CHS-qualified students. The dual enrollment classes permit high school students to start earning college credit while in high school. CHS has specific dual enrollment classes that are offered through their partnership which are held at the high school during the regular high school day to qualified high school students, who meet the eligibility requirements and academic prerequisites, register properly, and pay tuition and fees.

    If interested in dual enrollment speak with your CHS Guidance Counselor to verify this program is best for you. Visit the CAC Dual Enrollment website to learn more.

    While there are advantages to getting a jump start on higher education, students and parents should seriously consider college class expectations.  Grades posted to a college transcript will follow the student for life and will affect future opportunities for employment, financial aid, and academics