Coolidge Unified School District

  • For 85 years, the Coolidge Unified School District (CUSD) has been serving the Coolidge community and surrounding areas. With years of tradition, school pride, and loyalty, many of the Coolidge District students, faculty, and community members have discovered the true meaning of Bear Down!

    CUSD is a four (4) day-week school district that currently maintains seven (7) different schools that serve the Coolidge community. Our high school programs offer a vast variety of CTE courses, and all campuses offer multiple avenues for fine arts. In addition to traditional school settings, we offer an alternative junior high and high school that serves students in grades 7-12 and an online virtual academy that serves students in grades 6-12. Both of these schools are dedicated to offering flexible scheduling for students who may thrive in an alternative setting. Our elementary schools serve students from kindergarten through fifth grade on two different campuses. While both campuses offer the same core curriculum and have multiple opportunities for fine arts and STEM education. Finally, CUSD offers a comprehensive preschool program that utilizes early learning standards and STEM education in a fun, innovative environment.