CUSD Action Plan

  • The annually constructed strategic action plan details the guiding goals, commitments, strategies, and action steps for the Coolidge Unified School District. The action plan is developed for the district school system to guide and engage the CUSD Faculty and community to improve successful student achievement and utilize human, fiscal, and programmatic resources to meet the needs of CUSD students.

    The Coolidge School District is focused on the success of its students while they are in the school system and after graduation as they pursue post-secondary studies and/or career ambitions. The action plan will outline initiatives, programs, and services focused to ensure the school district's mission and vision.

    The strategic action plan provides a variety of purposes in school districts, including:

    1. Articulating a shared vision, mission, and values.
    2. Effectively organizing schools and their faculty.
    3. Defining how the district's success is measured
    4. Aiding the Governing Board with governance decisions and providing direction for the future.
    5. Increasing communication and engagement.
    6. Keeping everyone within the district - from faculty to administrators - connected
    7. The number one priority of its students!

    As CUSD continues to work towards the achievement of the goals related to the action plan, key strategies will be reviewed annually by the CUSD Cabinet Committee. Modifications can/will be made in response to current trends, availability of resources, and changing the district belief as defined by the CUSD Governing Board.

CUSD Cabinet Committee

  • District Office
  • Heartland Ranch Elementary
  • Plant Operations
  • West Elementary
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